Family excited to be moving into ‘eco home’

Nick and Laura Glazebrook outside their 'eco home' in Rothwell
Nick and Laura Glazebrook outside their 'eco home' in Rothwell

A family who were chosen to live in one of only six new ‘eco homes’ in Europe say their new house is fantastic.

Laura and Nick Glazebrook have moved from Alexandra Street in Kettering to the house in Horse Fair Lane, Rothwell. Another similar house on the same street will be occupied from April.

The Glazebrooks say they are delighted with the house, which has 22 windows to allow more daylight in and uses rainwater for the washing machine.

They are two of a number of devices used at the four-bedroom house, which have been built by Velux in a bid to keep energy usage and bills low.

Laura and Nick, who moved into the house with their children Thea, two, and Joss, six months, will also be blogging on their experiences in the house.

The Glazebrooks were chosen after coming through an application process, and although Laura said the couple are interested in the environment and green technology, she said they are not activists.

She said: “Everything works together to keep the temperature at a constant.

“Velux are trying to show the difference for a family in terms of bills and happiness and well-being.

“We are just settling into family life in a lovely new house. It just feels so new and amazing.”

Nick added: “It will be fantastic. We are so lucky.”