Clean-up scheme ends up in a mess

PEOPLE were provided with skips to get rid of unwanted household items – but their landlord’s good deed has backfired.

When the six skips, provided by Orbit Housing Association for families living in Sycamore Close, Corby, were full, some people left their rubbish lying in the street.

Unwanted mattresses, toys and sofas were among the items which created an eyesore.

Today, after the Evening Telegraph contacted Orbit, the rubbish is being removed.

A spokesman for the company which owns the properties in Sycamore Close said: “It’s such a shame that some residents caused this problem.

“We provided six skips, which we are not obliged to do, to help residents keep the environment clean and tidy.

“Unfortunately some people just left rubbish in the street once the skips were full.”

Eddie King, who lives in Sycamore Close, said: “It’s terrible. We’ve been looking at piles of rubbish since last Wednesday.

“It’s not Orbit Housing’s fault. They were good enough to provide the skips in the first place, but some people just filled them to overflowing and then left items all over the road. I’ll be glad when it’s moved. I can’t understand why anyone would do that when we’re trying to keep the area looking tidy.”

Some residents complained to deputy leader of Corby Council Mark Pengelly.

He said: “It was a good idea but it was too popular and beds, sofas, three piece suites were left everywhere.

“Children have been playing in all sorts. It’s up to Orbit to clear it up as it’s not the responsibility of the council.”