Enrichment courses at Wrenn School

At Wrenn School a new course has taken place for the whole school.

This is happening from 2012-2013, maybe even for many more years to come.

Enrichment courses give you the chance to help you with you future career.

You have many choices like journalism, photography, food technology, making jewellery, nail art, hair styles, horse riding, chess, bowling and many different types of sport.

There is a whole booklet of choices. I know people who have chosen something to do with drama.

You get three choices and a reserve choice in case something is full.

Some of them cost but most of them are free. This gives you a good opportunity to be yourself.

You see, I want to be a journalist so I have choose debating, journalism and helping out with our school magazine.

It is also a good way to make new friends because Wrenn School is mixing up the years.

In my opinion enrichment courses give you something that you are interested in and can help you socialise better.

But this does mean we get rid of PSHE, that is the first lesson, and all the other lessons that day are moves up on the timetable and you end off the day with your choice.

I think this is a good way to finish off a Thursday.

I think enrichment courses are a good idea to introduce and to write about in this article because you realise you have your own choice in life and you don’t have to be the same or copy anyone.

To finish off this article I would like to thank the staff at Wrenn School for giving us this great opportunity in life and making are school a better place.