Emily books her place in Miss England contest final

Emily Bunce (Image: Prime Photography)
Emily Bunce (Image: Prime Photography)

A former Kettering Carnival Queen is set to compete in the Miss England finals later this year after winning the Miss Coventry and Warwickshire crown.

Emily Bunce, 25, a biomedical scientist who now lives in the West Midlands after leaving her native Kettering, saidsaid she is very much looking forward to the July event.

She is no stranger to the pageant, as this is her third year of taking part and the second time she has reached the finals.

Emily said; “This year has been incredible, every year is so different.

“My first year was such a learning curve which helped with my success last year. This year though the standard was so high I went in just because I love the experience.”

Emily said the experience of competing has not changed a great deal in the three years she has been taking part although the standard increases with each year.

She added: “The age limit has changed for Miss World so I am now competing with those who have just turned 16, and I’ll be 26 this year. So there can be a ten-year difference in competitors.”

Emily will be taking part in a number of charity fundraising activities, including an 80s night in Coventry, between now and the finals in July and also has to train for the competition’s sports round, the brainy beauty round and also create an outfit for the eco-fashion round.

Emily said the Miss England competition has changed a great deal since the 1970s.

She added: “It’s not until you take notice that you realise it’s not about bikinis anymore. It’s about who you are, what you do, your charity work and being a role model.”