ELECTION 2017 NORTHANTS: How the county voted

Northamptonshire remained blue after the seven local seats declared in the early hours, Labour saw an upswing in support, but UKIP's votes fell away.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 7:10 am
The Conservatives in Northamptonshire finished the night with celebrations.

The early exit polls predicting the Conservatives would lose their majority in Parliament put the cat among the pigeons in several seats in the county.

But in the end, the situation remained stable, with the people voting for the Conservative candidate in every constituency in Northamptonshire.

There were furrowed brows and worried glances between candidates and party representatives throughout the night from when the polls closed at 10pm until the final local vote was declared in Northampton at around 4.30am.

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In each constituency across Northamptonshire, both the Labour and Conservative candidates gained votes. The everywhere but Northampton the Liberal Democrats made steps forward. The Green Party also struggled, going into reverse in many places.

However, it was UKIP that saw the most dramatic turn-around of the evening.

UKIP had candidates in all constituencies, other than Kettering where a deal had been done with the Conservative's pro-Brexit Philip Hollobone.

Where UKIP did field candidates, they saw their number of votes tumble - in some cases fall off a cliff.

It is hard to tell where the UKIP vote moved to - in places the drop in UKIP votes mirrors the number of extra Labour votes. In others, UKIP's woes seem to be linked to growth in the Conservatives' performance. Elsewhere those leaving UKIP seem to have divided up between the other big and smaller parties.

Going into this snap election the county had seven Tory MPs. After weeks of campaigning, it emerged from the election with seven Conservative MPs.

For an election that was called by the PM to clarify her position and that of the UK, it appears not to have fulfilled that promise.