Elderly driver hit car at 50mph

AN elderly motorist who smashed into the back of another car at about 50mph has been banned from driving.

Peter Anderson was driving along Uppingham Road in Corby on January 23 when he failed to notice the traffic slowing in front of him and hit another car.

Anderson, 74, of Manor Drive, Corby, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention at Corby Magistrates Court yesterday.

The driver of the car escaped with minor injuries.

Anderson told the court he had not driven since the accident and had no intention of driving again.

He said he could not remember anything about the accident and had not seen any brake lights.

District Judge Timothy Deber said: “I have a real issue about your competence to be driving.”

Anderson was fined £70, ordered to pay £35 costs and was banned from driving for six months.

He was told he would need to re-sit his test if he wanted to drive again after his ban.