Eight-week wait for pothole repair

A very large pothole near Finedon Dolben Cricket Club
A very large pothole near Finedon Dolben Cricket Club

An Irchester woman waited eight weeks for pothole repairs to be carried out in her street.

Jean Elliott, of Station Road, said she had seen potholes spray-painted and marked ready for repair in January.

However, it was only on Wednesday this week that workmen carried out the repairs.

She said: “I just thought it seemed like a waste of wages and resources to mark them out so far in advance and then take so long to carry out the work.

“The paint had more-or-less washed away by the time they arrived because of the bad weather we’ve had.

“In fairness, the men who are doing the work seem to be doing a very good job, but it’s just taken them so long to be sent out here.”

Mrs Elliott said she had seen people trip over because of the state of the road near her house, and she said one woman had suffered a bad leg injury there about two years ago.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said, when reported, potholes are investigated and added to a schedule of repair.

He added: “Obviously, deep potholes or ones on heavily used routes will be prioritised, whereas ones on lesser-used routes may take longer to reach.

“It is a matter of prioritising them. If a pothole is reported, or if it is spotted and circled, the main thing is that it will not be forgotten, it will be on a schedule for repair.”

For larger potholes, the county council says it tries to take action within five days. Sometimes, this means carrying out a temporary repair and adding the pothole to a list for more permanent work in future.

Reader Kim Moore also contacted the Telegraph to say she regularly drives her mother from her home in Corby to Kettering General Hospital for appointments, and on one trip had counted 80 potholes along her route.


We want you to keep telling us about your potholes so we can report them to Northamptonshire County Council.

Either phone reporter Michael Whelan on 01536 506163, email michael.whelan@jpress.co.uk or sent a Twitter message with the hashtag #nnpotholewatch.

Alternatively, use the county council’s Street Doctor service which can be found at www.northamptonshire.gov.uk.