Eight seats up for grabs in Oundle election

Would you like to be a councillor on Oundle Town Council?
Would you like to be a councillor on Oundle Town Council?

Nominations are being sought to fill eight vacancies on Oundle Town Council.

There are eight vacancies up for grabs following the resignation of more than half of the council members in February.

East Northamptonshire Council is due to publish a notice of election for the vacant positions on the town council today (Thursday).

An attempt was made to fill the vacancies back in April, but despite 11 nominations being submitted, Oundle Town Council said at the time that there were fewer valid nominations than seats available and only one ‘validly nominated candidate.’

The candidate was Duncan Butler, who was elected uncontested and took office from May 5.

Anyone wishing to apply for the remaining eight vacancies on the council has until 4pm on Friday, July 1, to submit their nomination.

Details of those who have been nominated will be published on July 4.

Polling day is scheduled to take place between 7am and 10pm on Thursday, July 28, with three polling stations for people to vote at.

There will be two polling stations in the Joan Strong Centre in Herne Park East Road, Oundle, and one polling station in the Oundle Suite at Fletton House.

Ballots will be counted on Friday, July 29, and an announcement on the results is expected later that day.

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