Efforts to clean up Wellingborough underpass overshadowed by flytipping on the same estate

The clean-up took place on the Queensway estate on Sunday
The clean-up took place on the Queensway estate on Sunday

Wellingborough NORSE teamed up with staff from McDonald’s to give an underpass on a Wellingborough estate a much needed facelift.

Staff from the town’s London Road branch were joined on Sunday by the deputy mayor and mayoress of Wellingborough, Cllr Malcolm Waters and his wife Veronica, to paint the underpass on the Queensway estate as well as clear foliage and collect litter.

The rubbish dumped in Shelley Road, Wellingborough

The rubbish dumped in Shelley Road, Wellingborough

McDonald’s Love Where You Live project manager Nicci Wride said: “We appreciate the importance of being a good neighbour in the community in which our businesses operate and central to this is our commitment to helping protect the local environment.”

But despite their efforts to help spruce up the area, it has been reported that several items have been dumped in Shelley Road on the same estate.

The Northants Telegraph was contacted by a resident who sent in these pictures and said: “Old carpet, TV, tyres and lots of broken glass strewn everywhere, ideal for the kids to play with during the long summer holidays.”

The rubbish has since been cleared up by Wellingborough NORSE.

More of the dumped rubbish and broken glass in Shelley Road

More of the dumped rubbish and broken glass in Shelley Road

But Cllr Graham Lawman, who is chairman of Wellingborough Council’s services committee, has warned that anyone found responsible for dumping rubbish like this could be taken to court and prosecuted.

He said: “Flytipping is a criminal offence and carries a fine of up to £50,000 or six months in prison.

“It makes an area look horribly untidy, it can present a health hazard, and it wastes a lot of taxpayers’ money to clear it up.

“NORSE will remove flytipping on council land, or refer it to Wellingborough Homes if it is on their land.

“If possible, we will try and find out who was responsible for dumping anything we pick up so that we can prosecute.”

And he added: “Residents should also be aware that they can be prosecuted even if they don’t dump the rubbish themselves.

“If they are found to have failed to take the proper care in disposing of it - and that includes handing the responsibility over to someone else - they can still be liable.

“People should not be tempted to hand over their rubbish to someone who offers to take it away for a bargain price as there’s a chance it will be dumped illegally.

“Always check whether the person you’re paying is a registered trade waste carrier.

“The Environment Agency keeps a register of licenced carriers.”

To report any incident of flytipping, call Wellingborough NORSE on 01933 234520.