Youngsters make difficult budget decisions

The Pemberton Centre
The Pemberton Centre

Young people from East Northamptonshire will meet in Rushden on Wednesday (November 13) for the third annual Youth in East Northamptonshire conference.

The event, which is being held in the Pemberton Centre, will be an opportunity for pupils from five secondary schools to meet representatives from a range of organisations including Northamptonshire Police and Service Six. The pupils will also be given the task of looking at the different services provided by a fictional local authority, and asked to make difficult budget decisions before explaining them to their peers.

The aim of the day is to get pupils from different parts of the district working together and thinking about the role of local government in their lives, as well as helping them to recognise the challenges faced by local authorities. Councillors and officers from across the council will be on hand throughout the day to talk about the effect of decisions on different groups of people.

Leader of the council, Steven North, said: “The annual Youth in East Northamptonshire (YEN) conference is a great opportunity for councillors and officers to meet young people from across the district and learn about their views. It’s also a chance for students to find out more about how councils are run, and about how we work with partner organisations like the Northamptonshire Police to address issues which affect them directly.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what the students have to say during the conference, both about their priorities for services and about how they would like to hear about council news and information in the future.”

The YEN conference will run from 9.45am until 2pm. For more information about the council’s work with young people in East Northamptonshire, visit