Wellingborough team could be crowned UK basketball champions

Pupils from Wellingborough's Weavers School under-14s basketball team
Pupils from Wellingborough's Weavers School under-14s basketball team

A school basketball team, which includes players who only took up the sport six months ago, has reached the final of the national under 14s cup.

The year nine team from Weavers School in Wellingborough will compete for the honour of being crowned the best team in the country at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena on Sunday, May 12.

They have already been crowned the county and south midlands champions after beating other teams from the region on their way to the final. They will play against three other teams in the final of the competition on May 12.

Matt Higgins, learning leader for PE at Weavers School, said: “We entered the year nine team into the national competition and they had to play district competitions and then county competition, and from that point we were entered into the national competition.

“Along the way we’ve travelled to Brentwood, Ipswich, Derby and Nottingham.

“They have all worked really hard.

“The reason we have been so successful is not only what we have been doing in the school, but also because of our partnership with the Northamptonshire Elite Basketball Club.”

Danny Alexis, from the Elite Basketball Club who also works as the team’s coach at school, said: “I am very proud of them, especially as 70 per cent of them have only been playing for the last six months.”

Mr Alexis also attended Weavers and the last time the basketball team achieved this level of success was when he was on the court in 1990. He said the team would be putting in some extra training time on the court in the build up to Sunday’s final.

Team members Hayden Alcindor, 14, and Keenan Salmon, 13, also train at England youth level.

Hayden, who is the team captain, said: “We are all really pleased with how well we’ve done and we are looking forward to the final of the competition. We think we can win.”