Uni students launch ‘Stick it Stole it’ campaign

Crimestoppers is supporting the uni campaign
Crimestoppers is supporting the uni campaign

Students from the University of Northampton have joined a pilot campaign with national crime-fighting charity, Crimestoppers, to help fellow students avoid being the victims of crime.

The student-led campaign, ‘Stick it Stole it’, has been designed by students with the aim of raising awareness of the theft of small personal items, including laptops and mobiles.

The Avenue campus, University Of Northampton

The Avenue campus, University Of Northampton

Ben Wesson, vice president, engagement and participation, at the University of Northampton Students’ Union, said: “According to data from Opinium Research, over a quarter (28 per cent) of students nationwide either lose or have valuables stolen while studying in higher education.

“The ‘Stick It Stole It’ campaign will help to combat this problem and ensure that students at the University of Northampton are appropriately informed of the dangers of leaving their personal possessions unattended.”

Ben added: “It is vitally important that students are alerted to the risks of opportunists who will take advantage of any unsupervised belongings.”

The students have come up with the idea of sticking sticky notes on items left unattended.

The aim is to raise awareness of how quick and easy it can be to lose your personal possessions to theft, both on and off campus, to opportunists if you do not take care.

The campaign is also helping to achieve the university’s commitment to employability as it allows the students to develop vital practical skills which will help them in future employment, which is one of the aims set by Crimestoppers.

The campaign is being officially launched on Monday, February 11, at midday at the library at Park Campus, Northampton, and will take place throughout the week across both Park and Avenue campuses and will target social and learning open spaces.

Carla Sutton, criminology student and project manager of ‘Stick it Stole it’ said: “The campaign is a great project to be involved in and will raise awareness around both the university’s campuses about how important it is to protect your personal belongings.

“Items such as phones can contain so much information, such as contact details and calendars, which means that the loss can be much more than just financial.”