Top troubleshooting role for infants school head

Redwell Infants School headteacher Anne Ansell
Redwell Infants School headteacher Anne Ansell

A headteacher has been selected for a top troubleshooting role supporting schools which are in challenging circumstances.

Anne Ansell, headteacher at Redwell Infants School in Wellingborough, is one of only 125 headteachers to be appointed to the role of national leader of education in the latest recruitment round.

She will use her success as a school leader to provide additional leadership in struggling schools or those in transition to federation or academy status.

Redwell Infants has been designated as a National Support School and members of staff will also help to provide support for struggling schools.

Mrs Ansell said: “The school has flourished in sharing its skills and expertise and enjoyed the professional opportunities that have been forthcoming. This is another step in our journey towards an outstanding education for all.”

Maggie Farrar, from the National College for School Leadership, said: “It’s great that heads like Anne are willing to look beyond their own school gates to help more pupils achieve. They should be proud because this scheme is at the heart of our efforts to create a self-improving, school-led education system.”