Time to get reading

Ruthven Horne
Ruthven Horne

One of the volunteers helping county children with their reading has encouraged more volunteers to put their names forward.

Ruthven Horne spends time at Studfall Junior School in Corby two days a week as part of a scheme run by the charity Beanstalk.

The Telegraph’s Get Northants Reading campaign has been launched to encourage people to get involved with schools and helping teach children a vital skill.

Mr Horne, 68, said: “If I was to say what we actually bring to the children – we are with them one-to-one whereas usually they are with the class.

“It’s about self-confidence.

“They are a little bit self-conscious to start but as they get to know you they seem to blossom. Their reading improves – it’s not me saying that, it’s the teachers.”

Mr Horne said he had been struck when one pupil bought some books which had been on sale – something which, he said, showed the pupils were learning to love their reading.

Mr Horne, who has been acting as a volunteer reading helper for more than a year, said: “I want them to be going to Corby library and taking books home.

“It’s about making it important for them but also enjoyable for them.

“Once they get that you are not trying to show them up, you are not trying to be clever, it’s just you and them, they start to trust you and enjoy what they are doing.”

And Mr Horne has encouraged others to get involved.

He said: “There’s a lot in it for the volunteers. It’s not just the children themselves. I would encourage anyone to get involved. Don’t think you have to be a teacher or anything like that.

All the teachers have been really helpful with what you are trying to do.”

To get involved with the campaign, log on to www.beanstalkcharity.org.uk/reading-helpers. You can also call 01604 720969.