Schoolfriends come to aid of ill man

Adam Wingad, Charlie Brown and Blake Sarrington with Wendy Ferry
Adam Wingad, Charlie Brown and Blake Sarrington with Wendy Ferry

Three quick-thinking teenagers have been praised for rushing to the aid of an elderly man who had collapsed, after hearing his disabled wife’s calls for help.

Colin Ferry, 88, of Beech Court, Thrapston, had collapsed so his wife, Wendy, who was unable to move him and started to panic, went outside and started calling for help.

Mrs Ferry said: “My husband had a stroke about two-and-half years ago, so when he had this fall I was panicked, I couldn’t get him up.

“So I went outside and started shouting for help. Luckily these boys spotted me and came running over.

“They helped move my husband and helped calm me down. They stayed with me until paramedics arrived.

“These boys have been fantastic, brilliant and they deserve every credit they get.”

Thirteen-year-olds Blake Sarrington, Adam Wingad and Charlie Brawn, all students of The King John School, Thrapston, were walking home from school when they heard Mrs Ferry’s cries for help on Friday, May 10.

Blake said: “I heard her, but I’m not sure the others knew what was happening. But I thought I saw blood on the man so I went over to help out and told my friends to follow.”

Adam said the boys all came rushing over to help but added: “I was nervous, we struggled to get him up, and we were trying to tell him it would be alright.”

Charlie said the boys had previously had first-aid training at school, and it had kicked in when they rushed to the rescue.

Mr Ferry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease following his admission to hospital and he is now recovering.