School of the year celebrates success

Headteacher David Tebbutt with some of his pupils
Headteacher David Tebbutt with some of his pupils

After winning School of the Year at the 2013 Northamptonshire Education Awards, a headteacher has spoken of the work which has led to his school’s success.

Park Junior School in Wellingborough headteacher David Tebbutt said recent praise from the school’s inspectorate Ofsted recognised the hard work and aspirations of everyone at Park Junior.

He describes the school as one which has ‘a range of challenges’, but he says the school is meeting those challenges well.

Mr Tebbutt said: “We are very pleased to have won the award.

“The Ofsted report was a big one for us because we moved from being graded as satisfactory to good with outstanding elements.

“We got outstanding for behaviour and safety in our recent Ofsted report and outstanding for spiritual, moral, social and cultural, so we have focused on the whole of the child, not just the academic.

“We have worked hard on ensuring we have a diverse curriculum which meets the needs of all children.

“We have also worked hard on children’s behaviour for learning, so that they are motivated and want to learn and to work hard.

“We won the regional PE award, so we are giving children a wealth of opportunities and interests, including sports and art.

“We have a 96 per cent attendance rate, which is a good level, and we are improving academically.

“Our results are improving and our teaching has improved – Ofsted picked up on that.

“We are very close with our school community. We have got excellent links with our parent body, an excellent website and we use Twitter to communicate with parents.”

With 20 different languages spoken by children who attend the school, Mr Tebbutt also spoke about the work carried out in the school to celebrate the many different cultures of its children.

He said: “Because we celebrate everyone’s background, ethnicity and religion the children are very interested.

“We are a very inclusive school and our children are happy to share and celebrate religion. That is a very important part of the school.

“We are a school with a range of challenges, but we are meeting our challenges well.

“We have very hard working staff who really commit everything to the school.”

The school also has a Designated Special Provision for children with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties.

Children from across the north of the county attend this unit.

Mr Tebbutt explained: “We work with schools through north Northamptonshire to work with children who are having behavioural and emotional difficulties. The unit has just been graded as outstanding.

“We work with their school and their parents and try to get them back into mainstream schools.”