Call for funds to help boost Olympic legacy

Cllr Heather Smith at Manor School
Cllr Heather Smith at Manor School

A headteacher says she hopes the sporting legacy of London 2012 becomes a reality and not just a statement.

Linda Brooks, principal of the Manor School Sports College in Raunds, wants more Government investment in school sport, saying it benefits pupils’ health and well-being.

Mrs Brooks, who met Cllr Heather Smith, county council cabinet porfolio holder for community service at a meeting earlier this year, said: “For funding to be a priority we have got to keep reminding politicians, locally and nationally, about the benefits that sport brings physically, mentally and academically.

“The huge success of the Olympic and Paralympics Games in 2012 has provided us with a real opportunity to harness the excitement, enthusiasm and general feel good factor that sport generates.

“School sport is thriving in Northamptonshire with many inter-school competitions and sports matches.

“It is crucially important that in a climate of financial cut backs that sporting activities continue to be supported financially.”

Cllr Smith said: “Schools that have a strong emphasis on sport are helping to promote the Olympic legacy.

“A strong sporting curriculum in schools is beneficial in many ways – obviously there are the health advantages but it has also been demonstrated that sport can aid with academic learning.”