A-LEVEL RESULTS: Latimer Arts College

Caitlin Purbrick and Tom Harris at Latimer Arts College
Caitlin Purbrick and Tom Harris at Latimer Arts College

Students at Latimer Arts College were among those celebrating another successful year of results this morning.

Vice-principal Angela Smith said 100 per cent of students had received at least two A-levels while 96 per cent had achieved three.

Sam Taylor and Paris Taylor at Latimer Arts College

Sam Taylor and Paris Taylor at Latimer Arts College

She added: “We are really pleased with this year’s results, which mark further improvement on last year’s and which are the best we have ever had – so it’s a celebration for the students and staff.

“We do a lot of work with universities and employers to help the students better prepare for their A-levels and, ultimately, the world of work.”

Among those celebrating was Caitlin Purbrick, 18, from Wellingborough, who will be studying maths at Plymouth University after receiving As in psychology and maths and a B in music.

She said: “I was really happy because that was the course I wanted to get into.”

Tom Harris, 19, from Barton Seagrave, will be studying occupational therapy at the University of East Anglia after achieving As in psychology, global studies and English language, and a C in biology.

He said: “I was so happy. Someone from the radio was speaking to me when I opened the results and I yelled down the microphone.”

Another student, Paris Taylor, 17, from Burton Latimer, will be studying English language at the University of Kent after she received one A and two Bs in English language, biology and drama.

She said: “I was surprised and relieved to get the results. I didn’t know what grades I’d got so I was really happy when I opened the envelope.”

Her friend Sam Walton, 18, from Kettering, will be studying drama at the University of Northampton after receiving one A, two Bs and a C in drama, film and a media diploma.

She said: “I’ll be moving to the campus at Northampton even though it’s not far away because I want the full student experience. I tried to go online this morning to see if I’d got the grades to go to Northampton but I couldn’t see, probably because it was so busy.”