East Northants groups appeal for donations to help refugees in France

The Jungle in Calais before it was closed
The Jungle in Calais before it was closed

Two groups from East Northants are appealing for donations which can be used to help refugees dispersed since the closure of ‘The Jungle’ near Calais.

The East Northants Refugee Support Group is asking people to donate various items, including sleeping bags and blankets, foil blankets, rucksacks, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

They are also collecting supplies of bottled water, savoury biscuits and cereal bars, dried fruit and nuts and tinned fish to give to the refugees.

For more information about the appeal, search for Helpful Humans East Midlands on Facebook or call 07818 634939.

The Rushden-based Jungle Care group is also appealing for items, including blankets, clothing, ready-to-eat food and survival blankets.

Anyone who has items they would like to donate can contact Malcolm from Jungle Care on 07908 003581.

Trudie from Jungle Care said: “Please search your heart and be the ‘Good Samaritan’.

“Many of the refugees are the unaccompanied minors who were left in Calais when The Jungle closed expecting to be taken in by the UK under the Dubs Agreement.

“Sadly the agreement was not honoured by the UK and we have seen for ourselves children aged 12 to 14 left to fend for themselves.”

For further details about meetings and activities of the East Northants Refugee Support Group, call Andrew Presland on 01933 316927.