Earls Barton

All the names on the Earls Barton memorial

EDWARDS Frank A Private

ERTON? Oscar K Private

ESSAM Harold W Private

E-R--TRETT? Arthur C Private

GOLDING Henry Private

GOLDING Fred Private

GOODS William Private

JOHNSON Frank Private

LABRUM Horace Private

LINE Amos Private

LINE King C Private

MACKINTOSH Kenneth Private

MAWBEY Harry Private

MILLER Sidney J Gunner

MILLER Horace Gunner

MILLS Bernard W Gunner

NEWMAN Charles Sergeant

PACKWOOD Frederick Private

PALMER Joseph Private

PALMER Reginald W Private

PALMER William Private

PARTRIDGE Arthur Private

PARTRIDGE George H Private

PARTRIDGE Thomas C Private

SAWFORD Ernest E Private

SHARPE Herbert W Private

SIMOOL? Frank Private

SMART Albert Gunner

SMITH Frederick C Private

STREETON Alfred Private

STUBLEY Albert Private

SUMMERS John B Private

TOWNLEY Frederick T Sergeant

WALPOLE Horace J Private

WAPLES? George J Private

WAPLES? Sidney Private

WARD Oliver Private

WARD Stanley J Sapper

WATTS Frederick Private

WELLS John A Able Seaman

WELLS Charles J Private

WILSON Harry Sergeant

WRIGHT Louis H Sergeant

YOUNG Samuel Lance Corporal

Information courtesy of roll-of-honour.com.