Dumped dog Marvin is given happy new home

Marvin has now been re-homed
Marvin has now been re-homed

A DOG which was dumped at the side of the road outside an animal charity’s sanctuary 10 days ago has been re-homed.

Annette Marriott, from Animals in Need, was shocked to find the abandoned dog inside a bubble-wrapped package strapped to a pallet, which was dumped at the gate of the charity’s base in Little Irchester on Tuesday, May 8.

The charity took in the frightened little dog and named him Marvin.

Marvin’s story was featured in national newspapers and over the last few days Animals in Need has received hundreds of offers from people who wanted to re-home him.

Now, just a matter of days after he was dumped, Marvin has moved in with his new family.

Mrs Marriott said: “He is so happy it’s unreal. When they were doing the paperwork on Wednesday to re-home him he was sitting on his new mum’s lap licking her face.

“It just makes it all worthwhile from our point of view. He got offered about 300 homes in the end.”

Before he left to go to his new home Marvin was given a thorough clean at K9 Clip and Shine in Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

Mrs Marriott said she had been unsure of Marvin’s breed, but once his fur was trimmed and he had been groomed it finally became obvious to her that he was a toy poodle.

She said: “He looks totally different, you wouldn’t think he was the same dog.”