Drugs law campaigners announce Corby and East Northants candidate

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A political party which campaigns for a change in cannabis laws has officially announced its candidate for the Corby by-election.

Clear is a single issue party which seeks an end to the prohibition of cannabis. It is calling for a change in the law to allow doctors to be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Its leader, Peter Reynolds, will stand as a candidate in the forthcoming Corby and East Northamptonshire by-election, expected to take place on November 15.

The party advocates a tax and regulate policy on cannabis which it claims would minimise all health and social harms, provide far better protection for children and contribute a net gain to the UK economy of up to £9.3bn per year.

Mr Reynolds said: “We hope to be a focus for the protest vote against the main political parties. The cannabis issue is a perfect example of how they are completely out of touch with the electorate.

“They refuse to listen to public opinion. They refuse to base policy on evidence.

“Instead they are more concerned with how they are portrayed in the media and with vested interests such as the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries.”

Clear last hit headlines locally when it made a formal complaint to police and the Press Complaints Commission after officers issued an incorrect statement to the media claiming that the odour released by cannabis plants has “carcinogenic properties”.

As a result, Northamptonshire Police issued an apology and corrections were published in the press.

Clear published research in September 2011 which showed that more than 30 per cent of all adults use cannabis in their lifetime and that more than three tonnes of cannabis is consumed in Britain every day.

Clear is registered with the Electoral Commission and claims to have about 15,000 registered supporters, making it the largest membership-based drug reform group that Britain has ever seen.

There are now thought to be 11 candidates ready to stand in the by-election. This is the highest number of candidates ever to stand in the constituency.