Drugs cocktail led to death

A MAN with a history of alcohol and drug abuse was found dead in bed.

Thomas Kennedy, 26, of Gander Close, Weldon, died on February 13. A Kettering inquest was yesterday told that Mr Kennedy died after inhaling his gastric contents after taking prescription drugs.

In the past he had been treated for alcohol-related problems and had taken crack, ecstasy and cocaine.

His wife, Kerry, found him dead when she returned home from work. In a statement read by coroner Anne Pember, she said: “He had a history of depression, anxiety and drug taking.

“He was really trying to get on with his life, he was a lovely person despite the problems in his life.”

Mrs Pember said Mr Kennedy took a cocktail of drugs, which led to him inhaling his gastric contents which led to his death.

She recorded a verdict of accidental death.