Drug addict stole television after charity box theft

A drug addict has admitted stealing a television from a supermarket 10 days after stealing a charity box from a chip shop.

Maureen Johnston, 25, took the 32in television, worth £189, from Morrisons in Kettering on Monday (June 25).

She admitted the theft when she appeared at Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (June 26).

The court heard that Johnston had previously pleaded guilty to stealing a charity box from Werringtons chip shop in Stamford Road, Kettering, on June 15, 10 days before the television theft.

Prosecutor Shaun Sigamoney said the theft of the television was “unsophisticated” and Johnston was seen taking it from the store.

John Whiston, for Johnston, said she had taken the charity box “to pay off a debt” and said it was “right that her offending history is that of someone with a drug addiction”.

He added: “She knows what she needs to do, she needs assistance, she needs medication.”

Magistrates sentenced Johnston, of Tresham Street, Kettering, to ten weeks in prison.