Drought means that business is really blooming

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Business is blooming for an artificial flower business that has being inundated with orders as a result of the current drought.

While the new hosepipe ban is causing misery for most keen gardeners, Tom Butler Flower Hire Service in Wellingborough is constantly adding to its list of big name clients from across the county and country.

Fake floral arrangements which adorn the walls of many Wetherspoon pubs and railway stations have all been produced at the Rock Street-based family business.

Its products are also very popular with home owners looking for an attractive alternative to real flowers.

With many councils also on its client list, senior partner Tom Butler said the cutbacks being enforced at many local authorities have already led many spending less on fresh flowers and a subsequent surge for his business.

He said: “The added pressure of the drought has led to a double whammy.”

The business, which has been operating for the past 50 years, has seen a 30 per cent increase in demand in recent months for its artificial offerings, which require no care or watering.

Mr Butler said while he would never welcome drought conditions, if the trend continues he will be forced to take on more staff.

He added: “We have been supplying colourful reproduction hanging baskets and window boxes to businesses country-wide for the past 50 years.

“We have found that the drought has increased our business dramatically. The advantage with replica is that artificial flowers and foliage create no mess, require no watering and are always clean and colourful.

“The replica flowers in our range of displays, unlike silk or polyester flowers, are strong and durable enough to be used outside all year round.”

In a testimonial for the business, a London Overground spokesman said: “Tom Butler Flowers have provided London Overground Rail Operations Ltd with excellent customer service since we commenced operations in 2007.

“Tom and the team have consistently delivered high quality hanging baskets across our entire network.”

Anglian Water’s hosepipe ban came into force this month.