Drought conditions continue for Northamptonshire

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MUCH of the country yesterday announced it could finally declare drought conditions over.

High levels of rainfall throughout April has restored depleted water stores which had taken a hit after a drier than usual winter period.

But Anglian Water, provider for Northamptonshire, said the county is still in a drought and the hosepipe ban will continue.

Anthony Innes, spokesman for Anglian Water, said: “It is down to the length of time we have been experiencing lower than average rainfall – the best part of two years.

“While the recent rainfall has helped, the hosepipe ban is still in place and the situation has not changed. We are still in drought.”

Nineteen areas in England have declared drought conditions over, including neighbouring counties in the East Midlands.

But Northamptonshire has a different water provider and is still struggling.

Mr Innes said: “The deficit has affected our groundwater supplies, which is where most of our customers get their water from.

“Our aquifers are in the region of three metres below where they should be and it will take a significant amount of water to refill those.

“Leicester and the East Midlands is covered by Severn Trent Water, which has sources as far as Wales, where it’s been much wetter.

“They can take water from there, whereas all of the areas by Anglia Water, where we would move water from, have been hit by the drought.”

The countywide hosepipe ban was brought into force at the beginning of April, just as the heavens opened.

The Evening Telegraph reported last week that the county could need about five more months of rain to bring water levels back to where they should be.