Driving taster sessions for Corby teenagers at Rockingham

Rockingham Speedway
Rockingham Speedway

Teenagers from Corby who are not yet old enough to drive but who want some experience behind the wheel are being invited to take part in taster sessions at Rockingham Speedway on June 21.

The session is being run by CarKraft Experience and aims to give teenagers the opportunity to start their journey in learning to drive from the age of 15.

Drivers who would like to gain more experience to be safer on the roads are also welcome to attend.

Two workshops will be held on the day.

The first is for non-drivers and is a classroom workshop led by an Advance Driving Instructor (ADI), which covers Road Safety, drink/drug driving, mobile phones, distractions, how to find the right instructor and looking at best ways to get insurance.

People will also experience their first driving lesson in a real environment with professional instruction.

The second workshop is led by two experienced police officers and is about challenging behaviours and attitudes.

There will also be a simulation of experiencing adverse road conditions which allow participants to experience loss of control in a safe environment.

For more information, including times and prices, and to sign up e-mail KMillard@kierwsp.co.uk or visit www.carkraft.info.