Drivers’ petrol prices misery

THE cost of fuel is forcing people in the county to leave their cars on their driveways.

Major protests against the price of petrol and diesel took place in London earlier this week as it emerged that drivers in the north of our county can no longer buy a litre of diesel for under 140.7p.

The cheapest petrol is available for 133.7p.

Hundreds of protesters braved heavy rain on Wednesday to deliver a key report to 10 Downing Street calling for cuts in fuel duty ahead of next month’s budget.

In north Northamptonshire, motorists said they are struggling to afford to fill their cars.

Health worker Gill Cuthbertson, 44, lives in Headlands, Kettering. She said: “Every single time I go to fill up my car the price has gone up.

“We have stopped going out in the car at the weekend now. We used to do day trips to the coast or different cities but when you have to pay £60 in petrol before you’ve even left Kettering it just becomes so restrictive.

“I work in different places and it’s not usually possible for me to use public transport. It’s costing me at least £100 per week to fill up.”

Talya Morton, 22, from Brambleside, Kettering, said: “The Government really has to do something about fuel prices.

“I would have no problem using public transport to get to work if it were vastly improved.”

Sebastian Kujawa, 36, from Kettering, a counter balance driver, said: “I think prices will go up again.

“They just can’t stop it. I have to drive from Kettering to Northampton every day and it costs me so much in petrol.”

Wellingborough taxi driver Ricky Dunkley said: “This is killing my taxi trade.

“Twenty to 30 per cent of a day’s takings are taken up by fuel. That’s a big overhead.”

MEP for the region Derek Clarke has taken the issue to the European Union. He said: “It’s about time the Government acted to defend its own people and this country’s industry and cut taxes to give our hauliers a fighting chance of making a decent living.”