Driver who filmed Northamptonshire car crash aftermath ‘was proving to girlfriend why he was late’

A driver who was stopped by police after allegedly filming people being cut out of a car wreck in Northamptonshire said he was doing so to prove to his girlfriend why he was late.

Saturday, 12th December 2015, 7:55 am

Police said the man was spotted by highways officers yesterday as he slowed down and filmed the aftermath of the accident on the A6003 in Corby from the opposite carriageway.

PC Dave Lee noted his number plate and came across him later in the evening, where the excuses the driver gave left the officer “in utter shock”.

PC Lee, detailing the incident on Twitter said: “His excuses for video recording us earlier were, number one, he had never seen a crash like that before.

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“Number two, he needed proof as to why he was late for his girlfriend.

“I was in utter shock when I heard what he was saying.

“He has only been driving a year and felt he wasn’t doing anything wrong video recording a collision scene.

“He should not be on the roads thinking it’s ok to video record people whilst driving being cut out of cars.”

The driver was reported for the alleged offences of not being in proper control of his vehicle, as well as not having two young children in child seats, and deleted the footage from his phone.