Drink drive campaign to be launched by Northamptonshire Police

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Northamptonshire Police are launching their 2013 Christmas drink/drug operation on Sunday, December 1.

Sergeant Tony Hopkins said: “Officers across Northamptonshire are taking part in this campaign and will be conducting tests at all accidents and where driving offences are committed. They will also be stopping drivers during the day and night, both to test those who appear to be affected by drink or drugs and to explain what the operation is about.”

“As well as dealing with offenders, prevention and education are important, so officers are talking to people and handing out leaflets. Many people are unaware of the facts surrounding drink/drug driving and the consequences of doing it. For example, someone, after a night out, might get up the next morning and drive without a thought - but they may still be over the limit.”

Inspector Jen Helm said: “Alcohol and drugs seriously affect the ability to drive and the consequences can be fatal. However, people often forget that the less tragic consequences can often be life-changing: Disabling or maiming injuries, guilt, anger, prison, becoming unemplyable or uninsurable, and shame. There is also the knowledge that no-one will ever be able to make you feel better by telling you it was worth it.

“We don’t want to be seen as party poopers over the festive season - quite the opposite. We want to make sure that no-one is missing a loved one as a result of drink or drug driving.”

The force will be using a series of visuals both on leaflets and posters and on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. “Dave:Dead” and “Rachel: Killed her best friend” are two of the messages on the visuals along with “Drink driving. It’s a Christmas killer.”

Superintendent Andy Cox said: “This operation is part of Operation Journey - our countywide priority to make Northamptonshire’s roads safer. I want people to understand the harm that drink/drug driving can do and stop and think before getting behind the wheel. I also want people to be aware that the consequences are severe and we will not tolerate it.”

Police also encourage those who see someone driving in a way that suggests they are drunk or under the influence of drugs to call Drivewatch on 0800 174615.