Dozens of former Corby steelworkers seeking compensation

The former Corby steelworks
The former Corby steelworks

Dozens of former Corby steelworkers suffering from cancer or respiratory diseases have contacted a law firm which is to take up their fight for compensation.

Around 100 people contacted Des Collins, the man who led the 11-year battle for justice for Corby children with birth defects, who will now represent ex-employees with chronic health problems.

Of those who contacted Mr Collins, around 40 were the relatives of former steelworkers who have died.

Mr Collins, the founder and senior partner at Collins Solicitors in Watford, said: “The response was amazing.

“What we are doing now is getting back to each individual and looking at how we can separate their cases into groups.

“It will obviously be more sensitive to deal with bereaved families together.

“Other groups may be formed according to where people worked at the steelworks, and when.

“We have heard from people with cancer and respiratory problems and from the bereaved families of people who endured years of suffering.”

Mr Collins is also representing 200 people who were employed at the Ravenscraig steelworks, which closed 20 years ago.

He said that recent research showed manufacturers had knowledge of the risks steelworkers were exposed to but that they failed to share that information.

Seminars are to be held in Corby for people seeking compensation but so far dates have not been fixed.

If you would like more information call 01923 223324, or email