Dozens of arrests in crackdown on violent crime in Northamptonshire

Police on patrol in Kettering
Police on patrol in Kettering

Almost 40 people have been arrested in an intensive crackdown on violent crime launched by Northamptonshire Police this week.

Operation Limit is aimed at tackling an upturn in the number of violent incidents.

In the past few days, 38 people have been arrested as part of the campaign, all for violence offences.

Police are continuing to pay disruption visits to repeat offenders and dedicated officers are focusing resources on arresting offenders wanted for violent offences.

School visits have been taking place throughout the week to warn children of the possible consequences of committing violent crime.

In Kettering, police have struck a sponsorship deal with the Odeon Cinema which will host a Violence Reduction Event in March, when 80 students will be given a presentation on violence and how to stay safe.

They will then be able to stay to watch one of the latest films free of charge.

Officers in Wellingborough have introduced a ‘fast resolution’ initiative which aims to resolve all violence with injury crimes across Wellingborough within 48 hours.

District Commander, Chief Inspector Dennis Murray, said: “The first week of Operation Limit has got off to an excellent start with robust policing activity which will continue unabated throughout the month.

“Anybody who commits acts of violent crime can be sure they will be brought to justice.”

Northamptonshire Police says the operation has been introduced in reaction to a 25 per cent increase in incidents of violent crime to a total of 9,356 between April 2014 and January 2015.

This compares to 6,161 the previous year.