Doorstep charity bags bid refused

A company hoping to make door-to-door clothes collections across east Northamptonshire has been refused a licence.

The clothes and footwear wholesaler, Intersecond, wanted to hold the collections throughout the district between November 9 and November 14.

It then planned to sell the clothes collected and give a proportion of the proceeds to Do Not Delay, a breast cancer charity in Lithuania.

But a licence was refused after Raimondas Biguzas, from the Tilbury-based company, failed to supply certain information to the district council.

The company would not specify what percentage of the profits would be given to the charity.

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Policy and resources sub-committee panel member Cllr Glenn Harwood said: "The applicant chose not to attend the hearing and had not responded to a letter requesting relevant information.

"Subsequently, the sub-committee was not provided the opportunity to ask pertinent questions.

"Without that required information the sub-committee believes the applicant failed to meet the requirements of the House to House Collections Act.

"One of the things we have to ascertain is what the amount that is donated to charity is in percentage terms of the whole amount collected.

"We had been advised how much they intended to give to charity but they would not say how much they would collect in total.

"We felt it would be unreasonable in compliance with the Act to have issued a licence because, above all, we are there to protect the public interest."

Bernard Lines, 66, of Wellingborough Road, Rushden, agreed with the decision, saying: "Organisations should be open about what profit they are going to make and what they are going to give to charity because when people give to charity they want to know where it is going.

"Also, I would prefer collections to be for local charities rather than outside of the UK."

The decision was made at a policy and resources sub-committee panel meeting on Tuesday.