Don’t interfere with Scots’ vote

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In 1707 the Scottish people were sold out by a handful of ‘Unionists’ due to a failure of the Darien Expedition; and their desire to recoup their losses with English gold, said people were looked upon as a ‘parcel of rogues.’

Daniel Defoe, at the time, claimed that for every one Scot for the Union there were four against, yet said politicians did not listen to the ‘will of the people.’ The rogues have been in existence since the 1707 debacle but in many guises – (new) Labour, Tory or Liberal. All with one aim – to keep the Scots downtrodden, poorly represented and a massive distance from the Westminster power base that has flourished over the years along with the population of the south of England to the detriment of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the north of England and the Cornish.

Today the ‘parcel of rogues’ are still with us in the shape of the

non-elected ‘Scots’ Tory Prime Minister’ and his minnow LibDem deputy at the discredited Houses of Parliament. Neither have won a General Election and they were caught up in the expenses scandal but, just like many MPs, got away with it. Now they have decided, with the support of the opposition Labour leader, to follow on the work of other recent Scots at Westminster, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The slight difference is that the Coalition Government is full of shallow hypocrites eager to inform the trade unions of their democratic shortfalls as well as the Scottish Government.

It is all right with the Westminster Government for countries to be overthrown in the Arab Spring or even communist countries about to introduce democracy, yet when the Scottish people decide to hold a referendum on independence gunboat diplomacy comes to the fore – as the Westminster-based Coalition Government dictate to a legally elected leader of the Scottish Government with a mandate to govern. If Australia, New Zealand and South Africa can be independent countries within the Commonwealth why not Scotland?

The Tories, with one MP in Scotland, have decided that Scotland should stay in the union. Why? There is little to be gained in staying in the union with England. Scotland has been systematically robbed of its people through ethnic cleansing, their mineral wealth, economic prosperity, oil and their identity in their own country and throughout the world. Now propaganda will come to the fore, along with the interference of MI5, MI6, GCHQ, ‘disowned’ private security firms and London-based ‘experts’ on Scottish affairs who will all be at the beck and call of the Westminster Government to discredit the Scots people’s legitimate right to hold a referendum when their elected leader so chooses and in the fashion they so choose.

It shows how low the Westminster Government will go when canvassing ex-pat Scots who should have kept their counsel in so doing. Sadly some Scots in Corby have voiced their opinions and become political pawns for the MP for Corby and the non-elected Government in London. The MP in question should resign, taking the non-elected Government at Westminster with her.

The Scots in Scotland have the right to determine their own future. But where Westminster is concerned successive governments have interfered in the self-determination of an indigenous people from the Zulus in South Africa, the Arab states after the fall of the Ottoman Empire to the illegal war in Iraq. All that can be said is:

Leave Scotland and the people living in Scotland to decide their own future without outside influences!

Ewen Maclean

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