Dogs to be kept on leads at Kettering cemeteries

Dogs must be kept on leads in cemeteries in the Kettering borough
Dogs must be kept on leads in cemeteries in the Kettering borough

Dog owners are to be forced to keep their pets on leads in Kettering borough’s cemeteries.

The council says it is responding to an increased number of comments from residents about dogs causing a mess or being out of control in cemeteries.

The order makes it an offence not to have a dog on a lead – permitted to be a maximum of 1.5m long – while they are in Kettering borough cemeteries.

The authority says it wants to allow people tending graves to be able to take dogs with them, but for them to have to exercise control over their pet.

Cllr Mark Dearing, portfolio holder for the environment, said: “We have had sufficient complaints to warrant looking into it proportionately.”

He added: “I personally have had a couple of complaints.

“In general it’s a minority who let their dogs loose, and, of course, dogs can be very frightening for some people.

“But most dog owners are responsible people.

“Graveyards are there for people to remember their loved ones, not to be trashed up by dogs.”

Kettering Council has already carried out a public consultation on the proposal, which received 21 responses.

The authority says most respondents agreed with the principle of a dog control order.

It also said two respondents had disagreed, arguing there should instead be a total ban on dogs in cemeteries.