Dog walkers unhappy at litter left at Rushden park

Rushden Hall Park Deputy Mayor Cllr David Jenney
Rushden Hall Park Deputy Mayor Cllr David Jenney

People are angry Rushden Hall Park has suffered from litter since the hot weather began.

Dog walker Joyce Roberts, 66, of Rushden, picked up two bags and a box of cans and bottles and a disposable barbecue on Monday.

She said: “I’ve never seen the park in such a bad state. I dread to think what it’s going to be like after this weekend. People often have a go at dog walkers but many of us pick up litter from the park when we go for our walks. I feel sorry for the park keeper.”

Graham Abraham, 65, of Griffith Street, Rushden, said: “This has been going on since the hot weather started. I picked up 30 empty cans on Saturday.”

Rushden Town Council has collected lots of rubbish this week. Council leader Sarah Peacock urged people to use the park’s bins or take rubbish home. Police will patrol the park and can fine people for littering.