Dog reunited with owner after going missing from Irchester park nearly three weeks ago

Ian Bean has been reunited with his prized beagle Bonnie.
Ian Bean has been reunited with his prized beagle Bonnie.

A social media campaign to find a dog which went missing from Irchester Country Park earlier this month has proved successful after the prized pooch was reunited with its owner.

Last week the Northants Telegraph covered Ian Bean’s appeal for help to find his beagle Bonnie, who went missing on October 4.

And now, after weeks of searching and appealing for information on social media, Bonnie is back in the family home after being found in the park where she was originally lost.

Ian says he couldn’t believe his eyes after she jumped up at his car.

He said: “On Thursday afternoon, unable to focus on work I decided to visit Irchester Park and have a look for Bonnie.

“I did my normal walk around the park checking an old T-shirt I had hidden in the woods and returned to the car.

“As I started to reverse the car a very skinny and desperate Bonnie jumped up at the car window - initially I did not believe my eyes as I had dreamt of such a scenario so many times.

“I opened the car door, called Bonnie and she ran round, jumped up on my lap and just whimpered with relief and excitement.”

Ian drove Bonnie to a vets in Bedford who concluded that she had lost almost a third of her body weight and had sores and missing nails, which indicated she had been kept on a hard surface.

After breaking the news to his children, his daughter flew down from university in Dundee to welcome Bonnie home.

And Ian says he is relieved to have her home.

He added: “It felt like Christmas in our house on Thursday evening, our family was complete and we could not believe how lucky we and Bonnie had been.

“We do not know if she escaped or was set free, but we are just very relieved and happy to have her home.

“We would like to thank everyone for all the help and support we have had as some very kind people have kept us maintaining hope.

“We now have a lot of posters to take down.”