Dog owner fined for not clearing up her pet’s mess in Rushden

A dog owner has been fined for not clearing up her pet's mess
A dog owner has been fined for not clearing up her pet's mess

Another dog owner in Rushden is paying the price for not picking up after their pet.

The East Northamptonshire Council dog warden spotted a woman in Newton Road, Rushden, allowing her dog to foul and not clearing it up on Monday, May 11.

Her explanation of not having any bags with her was not considered a good enough excuse and a fixed penalty notice has been issued for the offence.

Dog warden Carenza Black said: “If you own a dog you are responsible for it so always be aware of where your dog is and what its doing at all times.

“Carry plenty of bags for clearing up its mess and then you and your dog can continue your walk hassle free.

“Those who continue to ignore the rules will receive a fixed penalty notice which can mean an expensive dog walk.”

Most dog owners are very responsible and do pick up after their pets, but some people choose to ignore the rules.

Dog owners are encouraged to bag their dogs’ mess and get rid of it safely and for those that continue to ignore the rules, a fixed penalty notice may be issued.

If someone receives a fixed penalty notice and refuses to pay the charge, they can be taken to court and the court may then decide to make them pay even more money or prosecute them.

Dog owners that bag the mess but don’t bin it are littering and can still be issued with a fixed penalty notice.