Dog mess to be spray painted to highlight problem in Corby

Spray painting was used to highlight the problem of dog mess in Corby last year
Spray painting was used to highlight the problem of dog mess in Corby last year

Neighbourhood wardens armed with brightly coloured spray paint will be out in force to target rural areas of Corby where dog mess is a problem.

People living in Cottingham, East Carlton and Rockingham have raised dog fouling as one of the priorities in their area so Corby Council’s environmental services and neighbourhood management teams will be highlighting the problem next week as part of a Rural Days of Action initiative.

On Monday, the teams will be carrying out patrols of the open space area in the estate, which has been identified as a hotspot area.

During these patrols any dog waste that is found will be sprayed a bright colour to make it stand out.

Patrols will then be carried out again later in the week and any further dog fouling found will be sprayed a different colour in order to compare the results.

Corby Council’s lead member for the environment, Cllr Mark Pengelly, said: “Dog faeces is not only extremely unpleasant but it is also a major risk to health, particularly to children who are playing in these open spaces.

“It may cause infections in the body, lead to headaches, nausea and even blindness, so it is important that dog owners are responsible in ensuring it is cleared away.

“We have listened to residents as to where they think that dog fouling is an issue and we hope that this latest campaign will open up the eyes of the small amount of dog owners that don’t clean up after their pet.”

Water-based, environmentally friendly spray will be used throughout the campaign, which aims to identify how much of a problem there is in the area and bring it to the attention of residents, in particular dog owners.

During the patrols officers will be handing out dog waste bags and fixed penalty notices to irresponsible owners.

Responsible dog owners at East Carlton Country Park who pick up after their pets will also be rewarded, with the chance to be entered into a free prize draw to win gift vouchers.