Dog fouling down after patrols

Increased patrols along Newton Road, Rushden, by East Northamptonshire Council officers have led to a drop in dog fouling on the pathways.

The street has suffered from dog fouling for a considerable amount of time and waste management officers who have been patrolling at different times of the day, are always prepared to issue fines to anybody seen flouting the law.

The council’s lead member for the enviro-crime strategy Cllr Glenn Harwood MBE said: “Dog fouling is the most offensive type of litter on our street. If people tread in it and walk it into their home or school, it becomes a health risk. Diseases found in dog faeces can easily be transmitted to children and can cause blindness.

“That’s why we treat dog fouling as a high priority. We have a team who patrol the streets, educate people about responsible dog ownership and, if required, enforce the law. We provide over 300 bins where you can dispose of your bagged dog waste. So there’s really no excuse for not bagging it and binning it.”

Visit the council website at to find out more about the campaign, progress on the grotspots and what you can do to help.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can report a grotspot by phone on 01832 742026 or tell one of the council’s advisors at our customer service centres in Thrapston, Rushden and Oundle.