Dog control order for Rushden park

Mundip Sembhi was attacked by a dog in Hall Park, Rushden
Mundip Sembhi was attacked by a dog in Hall Park, Rushden

A dog control order is to come into force at a Rushden park.

From Saturday, June 14, dogs will need to be kept on a lead in Hall Park, Rushden, except for the area at the southern side of the park, adjacent to Wymington Road, which has been designated as an area for dogs to exercise off the lead.

It has been brought in after consultation with park users.

A Rushden Town Council spokesman said: “As a council we have given the introduction of the control order considerable thought and the decision has not been taken lightly.

“However, over the last five years the number of dog-related incidents in Hall Park has steadily increased.

“We have had a number of serious dog-on-dog attacks, resulting in injury to both dogs and owners.

“We also consider loose dogs have greatly contributed to the increased fouling problems within the park, as however well intentioned the owner, it is very difficult to observe your dog’s actions at distance, in a large park with varying terrain.

“Hall Park is a beautiful park that should be enjoyed by all and we feel that by making a control order in the main areas of the park this will help to create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.”

The Telegraph reported in February how Mundip Sembhi was going for a walk in the park when he was savagely attacked by an animal, believed to be a boxer-type dog in broad daylight. His injuries needed two operations.

The spokesman added: “At a time when many councils are now banning dogs completely from public parks, we feel Rushden Town Council has taken a balanced and sensitive approach to the needs of all park users by providing a substantial, secure “off lead” exercising area for dogs.”