Dodgy drivers pulled by police in day of action

File picture of police carrying out checks with motorists
File picture of police carrying out checks with motorists

A traffic operation on Saturday saw 85 motorists pulled over by officers including one who had failed to strap a baby into its child seat.

Officers from the operations tactical unit were joined by 15 Specials and tackled people committing ‘Fatal Four’ offences, talking on a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, speeding and drink driving.

The operation took place throughout the day in Towcester Road, Northampton, when officers monitored traffic and pulled those drivers over who were seen breaking the law.

A total of 85 vehicles were pulled into the check site.

- 39 drivers were reported for not wearing their seatbelt. Three of these also had committed further offences and had issues with their driving licences. One was a provisional licence holder, one had a revoked licence and one had a licence for automatic vehicles only.

- Ten passengers in vehicles were also found to not be wearing seatbelts. Three of these were children, one being a baby not strapped in their child seat.

- 16 drivers were found to be using their mobile phone whilst driving. More than half of these were texting. A further driving licence offence was also found amongst these motorists as well as an uninsured vehicle.

- Four drivers were reported for driving whilst not in proper control.

- Five vehicles were impounded. One for no insurance and four because the motorist had driving licence issues. This prevented them from driving legally.

- Two vehicles were found to have expired MOTs.

The remaining motorists were pulled over for miscellaneous offences such as illegal tyres.

Special Police Sergeant, Matthew Mumford from the operations tactical unit, said: “The general response from people being pulled over was quite positive. Passers-by popped over to chat and find out what was happening and why we were there.

“Sadly 26 people have lost their lives on our roads so far this year, compared with only 19 in 2011. This is 26 too many and we want to try and do all we can to prevent any further fatal collisions.

“While there hasn’t been a specific cause for the fatal collisions we have had, what has been identified is the growing trend for motorists to commit those offences we tackle in our Fatal Four campaign. That is speeding, drink driving, failing to wear seatbelts and the use of a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel.

“While we should be pleased with the results from Saturday, it is disappointing to see so many people caught still using a phone or not wearing a seatbelt.

“A proportion of these stopped will face a fine and possibly points. If drivers are eligible they may be offered a nationally recognised educational course.”

Anyone on Twitter interested in following one of the officers tackling Fatal Four offences, can do so by following @Northants_RPU