DIY SOS call to help save Wellingborough’s Glamis Hall

Campaigners outside Swanspool House in Wellingborough
Campaigners outside Swanspool House in Wellingborough

Builders, tradesmen and willing volunteers are being urged to come forward and pledge their support for the Save Glamis Hall campaign.

Dozens of people attended a public meeting to hear about the action group’s work to save the day centre in Wellingborough on Thursday.

The meeting was held in the hall itself and gave people the chance to offer pledges of support and ideas for the fight to keep the building open.

Heather Saunders from the action group addressed the meeting and said: “We have been to several council meetings and tried to get them to change their minds, but unfortunately they don’t seem to want to do that.

“They made a decision at the resources meeting two weeks ago that the building will still close on December 31.

“What they did say was that they would now start talking to interested parties and we are those interested parties.

“We have had a couple of meetings with the council officers which have been very productive.

“We have started looking for funding and looking for help.

“It’s fabulous that so many people signed the petition but now we are asking people to come on board and give us some help.”

Heather said they have just two weeks to produce and present a business plan to Wellingborough Council as to how they would refurbish and run Glamis Hall if Wellingborough Council agreed to the action group taking it on.

She added: “We have got very little time, we need you to tell us that you will help us, how you can help us and if you know someone who could help us.

“We are going to need material to fix it up because it’s looking a bit tatty and the roof leaks.

“We are going to need people who know builders and builders’ merchants.

“And if anyone knows Nick Knowles, give us a ring.”

Heather said they would love to hear from builders, plumbers, electricians and anyone else who can offer DIY skills to give the hall a make-over.

The action group is hoping to have its own surveyor look over the building next week so they can start drawing up a more comprehensive list about what work is required and the types of materials they will need.

Betty Ashton, who is in her nineties and regularly goes to Glamis Hall, said: “I can tell you all that Glamis Hall is a real lifeline for me and I know for everyone else that goes there, we all feel the same.

“It’s essential that it stays open or all the people that go there will have nowhere to go.

“Just imagine sitting in a room with the same four walls alone, day after day after day, it’s horrendous.

“I have done all I can and I ask everyone of you here now to help.

“I am sure there’s some small way in which you can help.”

If you would like to help, email or search for Save Glamis Hall For All on Facebook.