Disgruntled Desborough residents could stand for election against current councillors

Disgruntled Desborough residents may take their battle with the town's council to the next step by standing against them in 2019.

Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 5:29 am
Campaigner Kevin OBrien says that residents can achieve something if they work together.

The town came together last week to record a vote of no confidence after being hit with a staggering 422 per cent council tax precept hike.

Although the result was overwhelming there was no legal obligation for the town council to act upon the results.

Now residents are to discuss standing against the current council in the next election in 2019, potentially under the party banner of Independents for Desborough (Unity in the Community).

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Campaigner Kevin O’Brien says residents can achieve something if they work together.

He said: “People may wish to stand independently but in my opinion if we work as a group collectively we can really achieve something.

“If it takes three years, it takes three years.

“The opportunity will come and we need to be ready for the challenge.

“It’s about doing what the town people want.”

The council is currently made up of 11 Conservative councillors and one UKIP councillor.

The focus group will not have the chance to change the face of the top table for the next three years unless there is a resignation.

Mr O’Brien added: “We really feel we can do this. Other towns have done it and in three years we could be in the position to do so but we have to do it properly.

“We’ve had a few expressions of interest. There will be a different look to Desborough Town Council.

“Using the poll as a good guide, people in The Grange are starting to become involved as well.

“Time will tell but we’re positive.”