Discussions resume over Corby walkway plans

Part of Corby Walk
Part of Corby Walk

Plans for a new £2 million walkway and transport link in Corby are back on the agenda.

The Corby Walk has been for many years part of the vision to regenerate the town centre area.

However the scheme, which would connect the rail station to the shopping and civic heart of the town, stalled a few years ago.

But now it appears to be back in the public arena as councillors at last night’s (Wednesday) Local Plan meeting held at Corby Cube discussed the issue as part of wider plans for development across the town.

Cllr Andy Dady, who is a member of the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit committee, told his fellow councillors: “The Corby Walk is still on the agenda and the 106 money is available.”

The authority’s planning officers said they will look into the Corby Walk project and bring the information back for councillors to discuss.

Funds for the walk have come from the Community Infrastructure Levy, a planning charge given by councillors to developers to help pay for projects.

The walk was originally supposed to cut through Stuart Road and link with George Street.

More recent plans outlined in the Corby Town Transport strategy suggest that the alternative routes for the walk could be developed.

A cycle route as part of the walk is also an option being proposed.

The news of Corby Walk comes as the southern side of the town is being regenerated.

Bulldozers are currently knocking down the multi-storey building and a new department store is due to go in its place along with a retail extension to Market Walk.