Desborough to host final EU conference

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Delegates from the 28 EU countries will visit Desborough for a conference next week.

The representatives will be staying with families in the town for the four-day meeting from Thursday, September 15.

Following Brexit this will be the last meeting Desborough hosts.

The Charter organisation is composed of ordinary people and not politicians.

Desborough committee chairman Ben Murphy-Ryan said: “It is a great privilege for Desborough to host the final summarising meeting of the two-year programme which will feed back the views of smaller communities to the European Union.

“Also we hope that they will all gain a favourable impression of Desborough to take back to their home communities.”

Committee members are from small rural communities and its motto is “people meet people” around the kitchen table.

This is achieved by staying with families in their homes and not hotels.

The meeting is the final one in the two-year programme discussing “how has the enlargement of the European Union influenced citizens in small rural communities in Europe?”, which will be summarised at the meeting and a report sent to the EU in Brussels.

Meetings are held in several countries over the two years and representatives of Desborough attend.

Some meetings are attended by adults and some are made up of youth members.

The delegates will arrive in the United Kingdom on the Thursday and be brought to Desborough.

Friday will see workshop sessions held at The Ritz and an International culinary evening will be held at the end of the day when the delegates will display food and drink from their home country to the other delegates.

Saturday will have a workshop in the morning in the United Reformed Church Hall and a visit in the afternoon to the Desborough 40s event in Station Road.

The delegates will be attending the 40s evening at the Ritz as well.

Sunday morning see a final workshop followed by a service in the United Reformed Church where they will join the uniformed organisations for their church parade led by the Rev Helen Wakefield-Carr, following which everyone will depart for home.