Desborough to go to the polls tomorrow

Annual Household Enquiry Form
Annual Household Enquiry Form

Desborough will elect a new town council tomorrow (Thursday) three months after it was thrown into disarray.

All 10 of the ruling Conservative group resigned en masse amid claims of bullying, leaving just two councillors.

Temporary councillors were appointed to allow the council to conduct business but tomorrow a full council will be elected again.

The candidates standing for the 10 seats are:


Claire Archer (IfD)

Gareth Coe (Lab)

Andy Coleman (Lab)

Tim Healy (Lab)

Bill McElhinney (IfD)

Jean Read (IfD)

Clive Skinner (BNP)

Simon Stroud (IfD)

Catherine Tew (Lib Dem)

Christopher Tew (Lib Dem)

Joanne Watson (Lab)


Linda Burnham (IfD)

Paul Coles (Lab)

Steve Draycott (IfD)

Irene James (IfD)

Bill Keys (IfD)

Ben King (Lab)

Phil Sawford (Lab)

Jo Taylor (Lab)

Rikki Tod (Lab)

Alan Window (Lib Dem)

Helen Wood (Lab)

Voting is open from 7am to 10pm.

The count will take place from 10am on Friday at the Kettering Conference Centre.