Desborough group wins grant for Ise Valley and Hawthorns feasibility study

David Coe pictured at the former Hawthorns Leisure Centre
David Coe pictured at the former Hawthorns Leisure Centre

A Desborough group which wants to transform part of the town into a multi-use area for the community has been handed a £10,000 grant to help see if its plans can be turned into reality.

Desborough Community Development Trust (DCDT) wants the area around the Ise Valley, in particular the former Hawthorns Leisure Centre site, to be transformed into an area which can be enjoyed by everyone in the town.

Part of the site would also be set aside for affordable housing.

The group has won the grant from Awards For All.

Paula Holmes, from DCDT, said: “We are working with a firm called Locality, who already know a lot about the background of this project.

“We have already held a meeting with them in which we established what information we need to gather and provide to them.

“They will look at our outline scheme – it is not a planning application just yet – and will be able to give us a better idea of the cost of the project that we feel is acceptable.

“We need to find out if our ideas will work, and, if not, how we can create an idea that will work.

“Locality also know more about where we can access grants and funding.”

Kettering Council discussed the Hawthorns site at a meeting in November, and, despite a last-ditch plea from members of DCDT, agreed to enter into a collaboration agreement with the Co-op to seek outline planning permission for the former Hawthorns site, which lies adjacent to land owned by the Co-operative Society in the Ise Valley.

The authority wants to build homes on the site.

However, it said at the time that the collaboration with the Co-op would not prevent DCDT advancing their own ideas for the area.

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