Desborough cat’s three-mile treks revealed by GPS tracking

Oxie the adventurous cat
Oxie the adventurous cat

A daring cat has been embarking on night-time adventures for up to three miles around his neighbourhood.

Jacqui Wilford, of Desborough, had been putting her three-year-old cat Oxie out every night since she adopted him, assuming that he wandered around the garden.

Ms Wilford then came up with the idea of attaching a GPS to him to track his every move.

Oxie was given the tracking device for Christmas which has revealed he’s been crossing over a railway bridge, heading towards fields and woods.

Some of his journeys are approaching three miles from his home.

Ms Wilford said: “Probably like most other cat owners, I haven’t a clue what my cats are up to when they’re out and about.

“We adopted Oxie after finding him close to death in a field covered in brambles.

“I bought a G-Paws GPS tracker through curiosity as I assumed Oxie might have been a bit of a roamer but I never quite realized just how far he went.”

Two of Ms Wilford’s other cats stay close to their home, unlike Oxie who goes off on adventures.

She said: “He’s clearly having a lot of fun in those fields and who can blame him?

“I’m just glad he clearly has the sense to use the bridge while crossing the railways line!”

Dave Evans, the developer of G-Paws, said: “We’ve had some pretty special journeys recorded but Oxie’s stands out as one of the funniest.

“The fact his owner didn’t have a clue he was crossing a railway (using the bridge of course) and heading out to the fields to have some fun is priceless.”

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