Depressed man jumped from multi-storey car park, inquest hears

Grosvenor Centre car park
Grosvenor Centre car park

A man from Higham Ferrers died after jumping from the top of the Grovesnor Centre car park in Northampton.

The body of William Ian Payne, 48, of Windmill Banks, was found in the car park on October 5, 2012.

His body was discovered at about 7pm by Paula Helps, of Leicester, who had been working on a photography stand in the centre that day.

At an inquest held to determine the cause of his death, Mrs Helps said she had heard a banging noise, similar to a ‘dull thud’, while putting equipment in her van.

When she went to investigate, she saw a body lying on the ground floor level of the car park.

She then sought help from security guard Byron McLaverty, who checked to see whether Mr Payne was breathing and whether he had a pulse.

He called 999 and cordoned off the area while the emergency services arrived at the scene.

Mr McLaverty said: “I checked to see whether he was breathing, and if he had a pulse.

“There was no response.”

Pathologist David Fattah, who performed a post-mortem examination on Mr Payne, said the cause of his death was multiple traumatic head and chest injuries.

The inquest also heard evidence from Mr Payne’s wife, Kathy, who said the couple were in the process of ending their marriage.

Coroner Anne Pember told the inquest she was satisfied that Mr Payne had killed himself.

She said: “There had been matrimonial disharmony.

“Mrs Payne felt she could no longer remain with her husband.

“He clearly took it very badly and I believe at the time that he was feeling very low and depressed.”